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Annabel Sethupathi (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

In a large mansion,
Mother, father and daughter
On the fifteenth day of Poya, we ate dinner
After sleeping
Die at once.
And then they get to see it
That mansion is a mansion full of ghosts.
Not just ghosts,
Their whole generation.
So how did he die
From the chef when looking
Get an answer.

I used to be in this mansion
Formerly a good chef.
I love to cook.
One full heart day night
I am your family
We made a delicious meal for everyone.
Everyone ate and died.
To anyone after death
I don’t remember anything.
It is not known who closed it.
I don’t even know it because I’m dead.
And then this house is a ghost
While waiting, I found something.
Every fortnight,
I get a strange power.
With that power, comes cooking
I enter someone’s body
People who eat what I cook die.
In the same way in 1960
Your mother came to cook.
When crushing the garlic I am yours
Entered the body of the mother.
That’s when I found out
I’m cooking and who’s alive?
Only that person from this mansion
You can take us out!

So let’s see if these guys can get out of the mansion.

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