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Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (2010) AKA Gosa 2 English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Let’s turn to the story a bit. First of all, although this film is two of the Death Bell films, there is no connection between these two stories. That means these two stories are not linked anywhere. But this story is very similar to the first story. This one also has a special class at a high school. The children attend the class hoping to stay in school for a few days. While the children were sleeping at night, they suddenly heard a noise coming from the school speaker. When they looked up at the wall in front of them,

“When an innocent mother is killed, what son will not avenge her death?”

They see that it is written. What’s going on? Are they going to have to deal with something terrible? You have to watch the film to know about it.

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