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Dikilona (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

This is the year 2027. Suddenly there was a power outage in the city. Money, a regular maintenance worker at the Electricity Board, goes to a psychiatric hospital to investigate the power outage. When Money checks in and goes to the signal, the signal comes from the side of a broken car. The car has the word ‘Dikilona’ written on the trunk. When he saw someone inside the car, he opened the car. A tunnel inside the dickey. Money goes through the tunnel and enters a room. When you go and look, there are some people in coats inside that room. A machine with a large door in the middle of this room. This is a group of scientists. They’re testing a time machine. This machine which is still in the testing stage is activated due to money. Not only that, a powerful person is coming here. This mighty man creates the machine where time can pass. Mani’s marriage has been a problem for Mani for years, thinking that time can go backwards. Money thinks she should end her marriage by 2020 somehow. The rest of the story is about whether money somehow went back in time with the help of this prodigy. Wait! Be careful what you say. Who says when you go to hear stories? I don’t even know where he is. Dikilona (go back) and see! ”

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