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Girl in the Basement (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

So Sarah Cody is a 17-year-old stubborn girl. So he’s a bit of a talker. He doesn’t like his father Don Cody very much. Somehow one day he was not allowed to go to a night party and he got into an argument and had to go to his room. I said earlier that it was arbitrary. Yes, that’s what you think. She jumps out the window and goes to a party with her boyfriend. Even so, this young man is not a bad person. So no other problem arises. But Mom and Dad find out that he sneaked out to the party. So then he starts the war. Especially between father and daughter. Because of this, Sarah is determined to leave home at the age of 18. Knowing that his father was harsh, his mother and sister did not blame him for this decision. But the father has in mind the idea that this little girl is disrespecting his self-esteem. So in a little while, the day will come when Sarah will say goodbye to high school. In a few days, he will get 18. Knowing that her daughter is leaving home, the father asks Sarah to help him carry some luggage downstairs one day when her mother and older sister are away. In the basement of this old house, Don finds a room hidden at the far end of the basement. It’s actually a place to protect yourself from the effects of wartime bombs. The entrance is covered with a bookshelf. So this father locks his daughter in this secret room.

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