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Jungle Cruise (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

There is a legend as the story goes. According to this story, the petals of an ancient tree in the Amazon rain forest can be used to cure any ailment. Lily and her brother, the protagonist of our story, believe that this legend is true. So to get to this place, they have to steal an ancient e-head. Because they don’t want to be helped by the association that owns the AE head that their idea is crazy. Somehow the two of them take the e-head and go to the Amazon in a hurry. They find this e-head and that ancient tree and chase after the German Empire. So Lily and her brother meet a strange captain on the Amazon. A man who wrestles and plays with a skilled, old ship. That captain is the hero of our story, Frank Wolf. Somehow Frank Wolf decides to go on this arduous journey to find the tree after setting a good number. So with the horrific experience of the Amazon, Wolf and his boat, Lily and her brother, explore the ancient adventure of searching for the ancient “Tear of the Moon.”

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