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Kuruthi (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

The story is that Ibrahim lost his wife and daughter due to a landslide in the mountains where he lives. Ibrahim is a Muslim who lives with his father and brother. A Hindu family who lost their family members due to the landslide lives nearby. Ibrahim’s family lives in harmony with this neighboring Hindu family. The ‘Zuma’ of the Hindu family brings happiness and even food to the grief of Ibrahim’s family. One night, Ibrahim’s family had to face an unexpected turn of events.

A police inspector who had arrested a murderer suddenly came to Ibrahim’s house and asked for accommodation. Without that request, Ibrahim who obeys that order will have to face a lot of trouble. Ibrahim and his group have to spend the most horrible night of their lives because of another group chasing the police inspector. This is a kind of race that ends in death. But the hero of the match will be someone we do not think.

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