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Lift (2021) English Subtitles | The mystery of the elevator | YTS Subtitle

Teacher TL The first day I came to Chennai with a transfer from the Bangalore branch as someone. VP signed the signature list to take over the work. After going to his room and meeting him and introducing him to the group, the VP says that you have to work on the “Delta Project” and that you have to go to Germany. Then the teacher goes to meet HR ම් I will see Ammatasiri. As is. How do you face now, MM ගිහින් What to do? On the first day, when I went to the elevator thinking to go a little earlier and set up with my friends, VP Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. The first day I say no and start working till night. Bored, he makes a cup of tea and starts drinking again. When I was trying to pick up the cup of tea while I was concentrating on my work with the tea in my hand, the cup of tea in my hand went beyond the table. You take turns going upstairs and not downstairs. Somehow the elevator goes down and when you get in the car and reverse (looking at the reverse camera) the alarm goes off. Go down and see if there is anything, but no. Then I remember that I forgot the phone and go up again. He goes and picks up the phone and gets stuck in the elevator as before. I hear footsteps. It stays on this floor, it’s just nonsense. At that point H.R. The teacher gets stuck in the writing room. Now the two are trapped in the company building and in the elevator with no way to get out.

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