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Mystro (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

I am blind
Since the age of 14.
Everyone knows being blind
What a difficult task.
For people like us, both day and night are the same.
My world is very different.
My only hope
Becoming a musician.

That’s what I tell everyone.

But I’m a little different.
A secret no one knows.
I’m just pretending to be blind.
I can really see.
Take that note.
And to my advantage.
One day I get an invitation.
To a private concert.
From popular actor Mohan in the 80s.
Surprise his wife Simran.

But when he got there

I’m really surprised.
Killed Mohan who invited me?
Simran’s boyfriend inside the bathroom

I am so blind.
I came to the concert as if I had not seen it.

But that concert was able to change the lives of many of us. Let’s see what happened next.

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