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No One Gets Out Alive (2021) English Subtitle | YTS Subtitle

Amber is a girl who lives in Mexico. She has been caring for her ailing mother for years without even thinking about her life. But in the end, she loses her mother. So he has no one now. So she decides to go to America. But he is entering the United States secretly. Anyway, he doesn’t even have an ID now. If caught by the police he will have to go to jail. So he lives without being heard by anyone. I also do a job. As he does so he tries to get an ID through a friend. Somehow he was chased away because he did not have an ID. Then he sees a house with less. So he stops at work. But this house is very strange. Strange noises at night. People see. The dead. There is also a box. It just seems like one. But not so. But what is it? What’s going on with this? How did it get here? You have to watch the movie to know those things.

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