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Paramapadham Vilayattu (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Chelian is the leader of the Sudhindra Deshiya Jananayaka Party. An honest leader who has been in the opposition for 5 years and hopes to win the next election. No to dynastic politics! “Ya, yanna” has become the motto of him as well as the party. Therefore, he sent his only son to a government school and settled abroad as a doctor without involving him in politics. During the election campaign, the Chilean leader suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. Gayathri works as a doctor in that hospital. Gayathri lives alone with her deaf daughter. After Mr. Chellian was hospitalized, Callingan, the party’s second in command, came and demanded that Gayathri turn off all CCTV connections around the ward where Mr. Chellian was receiving treatment. Unafraid of those threats, Gayathri somehow recovers from a serious illness one day while he is slowly recovering. But Gayathri finds out that this death is due to a natural cause. Gayathri suspected that Kalingan, who had always been a threat to her, was involved. Somehow, Kalingan’s dream of becoming the Chief Minister is shattered and Mr. Chellian’s son becomes the leader of the Tamil Party. But Gayathri’s suspicions do not go away. She strongly believes Callingan was involved in the murder. She meets Thamil and tells him about this but Thamil says that he does not distrust Kalingan who has raised him since he was a child. Gayathri then says that he has evidence to prove it. Meanwhile Gayathri’s daughter is abducted. Asking for a recorded chip that Gayathri allegedly had. So,

Does Gayathri really have a chip?
Who abducted Gayathri’s daughter?
Who is responsible for the assassination of Mr. Chelian?

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