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Pei Mama (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

M.S.R. And Nirmala decided to breed a deadly virus together with foreigners and make huge profits from it. They gave it to one person and injected it into the body of a person named Vairamani who had entered their hospital with the intention of spreading it to others. Her illness was getting worse. Pattumela took the team from the bungalow to find him and started treating him. The people of Pattumela Bungalow are a family that has healed thousands of people who are receiving free treatment. Pattumela Bungalow is a place full of rare medicinal plants spread over 100 acres. When he rose from the dead, Vairamani thanked the President’s family for treating him a thousand times. The MSR found out that a cure for the virus could be found around the Pattumela bungalow. And Nirmala are eager to buy this bungalow. Even though the chairman says he will not sell this bungalow, he is trying to buy this bungalow for better or worse. So let’s see if we can get this bungalow? Who haunts this bungalow

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