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Tak Jagadeesh (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

The story revolves around a remote village called Bhudevipuram. As you can see in many movies, there is a snake hatred between two families in the same village. This is because of the long-standing hatred. This hatred caused by farming will not benefit the village at all. Some lose limbs in disputes. Some lose their lives. Trees are killed even for small incidents. The situation in this village is such that papaya and kehel kana are killed. So Adisesha Naidu in this village called Bhudevipuram is the head of the village. His first wife has two sons. One is Bosu Babu. The other is our protagonist, Jagadish Naidu or Tak Jagadish. So these two have been growing up with their stepmother and the stepmother’s children since the time their mother passed away. Despite being a stepmother, this mother treats her children as well as Bose and Jagadish without any discrimination. Even so, the boss does not understand. He sees the shortcomings that are happening to him. But it doesn’t show. The father of these two disappears at an unexpected time. When his father passed away, Bosu told Babu and Lawyer, who was there, how to distribute the property. But because of the hatred he had in his heart along with the shortcomings he had in his childhood, he forcibly took possession of the property without telling anyone about it. So you were briefly talking about what happened in one family. I’m not going to tell you more about the other family. We invite everyone to find out how the family got involved in this conflict and how our story leader reacted to it.

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