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Yakuza Princess (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Who is this Yakuza?

The Yakuza, also known as the Gokuda in Japan, is one of the world’s most powerful gangs. Founded in Japan in the 17th century, the organized gang had a membership of over 200,000 in 1960, but that number has plummeted to more than 25,000 today. Because of the gang’s strict rules, their own tattoos, and their terrific organizational strength, they are a dangerous organization. The Yakuza are divided into three main groups

1. Yamaguchi-gumi
2. Sumiyoshi-kai
3. Inagawa-kai

Of these, the Yamaguchi-gumi gang is considered to be the largest in the Yakuza organization. These Yakuza members are deeply concerned about their self-respect, dignity and loyalty and will never hesitate to inflict terrible punishment on those who betray the organization. If a member makes a mistake, he has to cut his throat to show that he repents. Their most popular weapon is the Katana Sword. Meanwhile, Yakuza is equipped with all the modern weapons in the world.

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